Across APAC region companies remain cautious, viewing that the uncertain global economy scenario. Especially with the slowdown of growth in China, overall company payment experience in the regional economies is weak in the recent times. Companies in the Asia Pacific region appear to be more aggressive in trying to recover their money and seem willing to use a number of methods to achieve their results.

Debt recovery across any industries is always changing and ever-evolving. Laws related to consumer credit, creditors rights, and collections are constantly under revision. Tools, technology, and resources are regularly appearing and disappearing. What’s more, you must stay on top of not only debt collection, but also of related industries like compliance and fraud. It’s a complex environment. To help debt collections professionals and their companies ensure compliance, follow the law, and stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest collections-related technology, the Corporate Credit & Debt Recovery Asia Summit will offer an excellent platform, wherein stalwarts from the industry will discuss the latest strategies and techniques to create a robust credit and collection process in your organisation. The summit will hold interesting keynote discussions, breakout groups, continuing education, and plenty of networking opportunities.